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Josh Templin is a third year Computer Science student at The University of Minnesota, Duluth (as of 1995). During the advent of The Lion King, Josh ridiculed a local Lion King fan. Josh considered the movie childish, immature, and a “marketing nightmare”. It went as far as almost public harassment of the Lion King fan. This was before he watched the movie. In a final attempt to further humiliate the Lion King fan, he borrowed his copy of the tape and went home to watch it in an attempt to expose plot holes and problems with the movie. Josh settled into his chair and didn’t move for 88 minutes. When the movie was over, he was shocked. The movie had an adverse affect on him and he was depressed for a week. After returning the tape several days later, Josh went to the local video store and bought the movie and the sound track. From there it snowballed. More and more of Disney’s “marketing nightmare” was ending up in his household. Josh had done a complete attitude reversal and was throughly engrossed in the movie. And now, Josh himself suffers from the ridicule he once put on other Lion King fans. Finally, Josh felt a deep need to give back to the Lion King. Therefore, he embarked on this project, now finished, The Tales of Tanabi. It’s been a long journey…

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Библиотека: The Tales of Tanabi

The Tales of Tanabi

Один из самых старых фанфиков. Симба и его прайд вынуждены на время покинуть Скалу Прайда после пожара. Они находят себе временное пристанище, но также встречают Кисасиана, сына Шрама, стремящегося отомстить за отца.

Категории:Король Лев (The Lion King), Проза, Циклы произведений, Повести и романы, The Tales of Tanabi
Автор:Джошуа Темплин (Joshua C. Templin)
Опубликовано:1995 год
Добавлено:3 Марта 2007