About the library

The library is above all dedicated to the works in one way or another connected to the movie “The Lion King”, animals and furry. If your work doesn’t fit into these categories it’s unlikely to be published.

If the text requested to be uploaded meets our requirements, it’ll be available as soon as administration approves it. If you have any questions about the library or the site, ask Athari ().



Here and subsequently you’re assumed to use Microsoft Word or analogue as editor. It has many advantages over simple text editors, so you’re advised to use it.

Before sending the text test if automatic cheching is disabled. For that click with right mouse button a book icon in the status line of the application, and then choose “Hide syntax mistakes” and “Hide spell mistakes”. Readers will appreciate clean text without underlining.

Use en and em dashes where appropriate. Hyphen shouldn’t be used in place of them. You can enter en dash by pressing [Ctrl]+[Num−] and em dash by [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Num−]. If you choose to use hyphens, administration can convert them to dashes following the rules, but publication will be delayed.



To publish your text, write a letter to . The letter must include an attached file and the following information:

  • Title in the language work is written.
  • Author(s). If the author is not listed in the library (list of all authors), you must include the following information on every author:
    • Name: last name, name, and second name (the latter is optional). If the work is yours and you wish to not uncover your real name, or it’s written by somebody else whose name you don’t know, you can give just nick.
    • Nick, if present. If several nicks are used, you can give up to two the most used ones.
    • Brief information (optional). Who author is, what works created, what interested in; links to his (her) site etc.
    • Photo or avatar (optional). Limitations: JPG, GIF or PNG; maximum 300×400 pixels, 100 KiB.
  • Translator(s), if it’s translation. The aforementioned information on them must be given too.
  • Short description. It should give visitors an idea on what work is about. It mustn’t use adjectives like “interesting,” “stunning,” “beautiful” and the like about the work; such descriptions will be removed.
  • Categories:
    • Theme: The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, wild cats, furry etc.
    • Size: short novel, novel; wether part of some series.
    • Genre: humor, satire, critique etc.
    This is optional, however it will simplify work of administration. You can also suggest new categories (list of existing categories).
  • Date of first publication, if the work was published earlier in some other place.

Updating information

If you wish to update or change information about a work or an author, give the information to be changed and a link to the work or the author, accordingly. You can also request removal of a work, if you’re the author.