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The library is dedicated to the works related to “The Lion King” in some or other way. There’re also works related to animals and furry. If a work doesn’t fit one of the aforementioned categories it’s unlikely to be published here.

Keep in mind that your comments are likely to be read by the author, therefore try to conform to the following recomendations. Respect your interlocutors. If you show no respect, he or she is unlikely to respect you, and it’s doubtful you’ll achieve anything this way. If you tell about defects do not forget about recomendations how to eliminate them. Remember: it depends on your critique what the author will learn and even wether he or she will continue to create.

Official languages of the site are Russian and English. There’s no point in writing in other languages and it’s discouraged.

The following rules are oriented to by moderators when punishing guilty users. It’s recommended to read them all, because, as we all know, ignorance of the law is no excuse.



Not recommended


After recieving eight moderator warnings (why eight, you ask? the number is round ;-) ) the user will be banned — he or she won’t be allowed to comment. A user can be banned earlier because of acting too inadequate. A serious violation of rules can lead to multiple warnings; a moderator can also just set somebody on the right path without warnings. A warning is marked with [+] sign.

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