Автор: Уорнер Джонс (Warner Jones) ()

Christmas Story

The night was silent, and the stars shown bright as Nala looked outside.

Peering at the wonderful heavens that God had made. She had traveled a far distance to meet with her cousin, who had given brith to a new born son and the day had been so full of events that the mere thought of it made her tired. The night wind was almost non-existant and the sound of the desert landscape appealed to her sense and tempted her into the gates of Dreamland that her fight just to think about what had happened this day almost became unbearable. Indeed she was fighting a losing battle. Thier would be another day tommarow, another battle with a baby and another adventure with her cousin; such was life. A smile came across Nala’s face, thinking of it, and slowly her eye’s wieghed heavily as the nights temptation became more appealing with every passing minute.

Then suddenly, where the night was calm, became raging as rushing air came that upon her chin and woke her from her sudden slumber.

Indeed, the thought of simple things had not poked through her mind at the time yet when she had gained her conciouse she knew that the window layed to her right while the full blast of the wind came to her left.

The suddenly a light, powerful and bright filled the room. Nala was now sitting up in her bed, her eye had just begun to open, yet with the bright light she had to close them swiftly. In the lowly room, as this event began to unfold, she began to feel a presence as if a man were standing in front of her. Yet this was no normal presence. She felt a heavenly, Holy, strong presence, which she felt unworthy to have her feet on the floor. Immediately with out no rational thought quickly she brought her knee’s to the ground and her hands up to her eyes.

“Hail favored one! The Lord is with you!” The presence said immediately upon his entrance upon the wind. His voice which was not a complete yell filled the room with a more holy presence and the earth seemed to trembled below Nala knees.

Bravely Nala feeling all this decided that she must open her eye to see this even that obviously was transpiring before her. Slowly and meekly her eye’s opened as her arms quivered. Keeping her arms held high so the light would not shine in her face to strongly. Thier before, she saw an angel of the Lord! Quickly she bent her body to the ground, more in fear than in worship. Her thought sparodic and random, her feeling of fear began to swell inside of her as it overtook every part of her body. The angel sensing this looked down at her.

“Do not be afraid Nala; for you have found favor with God. And Behold you will conceive in your womb, and bear a son and you shalll name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the most high; and the Lord God will give him the thrown of his father David; and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; and his kingdom will have no end” the angel said.

Nala still afraid but feeling a great sense of comfort, began to rise her body off the ground and tried hard to take a hard look at the radiant angel. “How is this possible, for I do not know any Lion”. Nala said to the angel of the Lord.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you , and the power of the most high will over shadow you; and for that reason the holy offspring shall be called the son of God.”

Quickly Nala hearing these words fell to the ground saying loudly “Behold, for I am a servant of God; Let the action be done according your word.”. Her words rang with with happiness and fear. She knew her destiny and as the last words came out of her mouth, the radient light which had blinded her soon fadded and the wind that was flowing fast soon became calm. And the presence which Nala had felt so strongly soon was gone as she quickly opened her eye’s and stood up. Looking around the room, the softly she looked out the window.

“My soul exalts thee O Lord.”

The day had been long, as Simba worked hard on the Chair he wascommisioned to do.

The sun was harsh as he worked to put the last finishing touches for the day. It had been rough with desert wind. Yet he decided it was easier to work outside, he loved seeing the scene’s of the day passed before him; plus he loved to watched the children.

Sometime they would come up to his workshop and ask before the mighty Lion of his works. A chiar, a dinner table, a toy, it fill Simba’s hart to see children delight in his works and he loved to educate them.

Slowly the Sun was making it’s way to the horizon. He look up as he decided to take off his work apron.

“That will be good enough” Simba said.

As he then took the apron and planced it at one of his tables and then picking up the chair he began to carry it inside.

Then quitely a ball bouncing up and down soon rolled under Simba’s table. The Child was afraid to go up to the mightly lion desk without his observation or permission. The Child stood still and quite as he looked at his ball and bent his knees down to take a good look at it.

Then suddenly the Simbas finger were placed around the ball. The Cub quickly stood up as he saw Simba’s mane then face.

“I’m sorry does this belong to you” Simba said as he drew closer to the cub.

“Yes sir” The cub spoke meekly then.

“Then I guess I should return it.”

“Yes sir.”

“Thiers a Lad” Simba said as the ball was placed in the cubs hands.

The cubs face was in confusement. Yet the cub turn around to head back to his house. Then slowly he stop and look over toward the Simba.

“By the way Sir are you leaving” The cub said loudly. Simba was closing the door to his shop as he turned his head to face the young one. A smile came across his face.

“Yes, I’m off to see my betrothed” Simba said. The cub stood thier silent but standing holding the ball. His face as had the curious look as if her were thinking, pondering what the older Lion had said.

“Are you comming back” The Cub then responded.

“I should hope so, but not for a while.”

“Then I guess I should thank you now.”

“Your Welcome” Simba finnally said as he saw the cub turn around and headed back toward his home. Simba smilled joyfully, it was as if he was seeing a picture of himself when he was young.

Immeadiately he began his pace with a hart filled with joy. For he had come to love the lioness he was going to marry. He wanted so much to be with her, holding and seeing her face. His thought were nothing but the beuaty of her face and the color of her eye’s. Which puzzuled Simba for a moment for he couldn’t recalled if they were green or blue?

Yet he dismissed the passing thought, it had been weeks since he had seen her. Her trip to see her cousin had been a long and arduous journey. One in which he could of made with her.

Then suddenly without even realizing he was at the door. Politely he Knoceked.

“I’ll get that Nala” a voice rang from inside. Slowly the door opened.

“Sarafini” Simba voice rang loud as his arms became wide open.

“Simba!, Ohh praise God, It’s been a while” As Sarafini stood their as Simba’s arm came around her and he then squeezed his arms tight.

Simba smilled widely to see his soon to be mother by law. Thier was no words sporken for seconds as each other was so caputured in the moment of the happiness of each other site. The easing off Sarafini looked at her future son by law. “Well it hasn’t been that long, ohh goodness me, where are my manners come on in.”

Nala hearing all this came forward to her door, yet fear stood still in her hart, she had came to love Simba with all her hart, but another suitor had taken his place to grant her a child. A holy child, the son of God, yet questions pondered in her head to wether, if Simba being a rieghtous man as he is will accept the news, will he even believe her.

Soon catching the glimpse of the face and of his mane, thier was nothing more she wanted to too but run to her fiancй and hug and kissed Simba.

Sharing thier love and passion to the whole world, but her fear stoped her and the questioned that rolled in her mind. She had to stand still, she had to watch, she had to pause, in her mind it was the only choice.

Simba after comming through the door caught a glimpse of his future bride, yet she stood still, and thier was a diffrent picture painted on her face.

“Nala, why are you standing thier.”

“Oh Simba” Nala said as she moved forward. I smile came across her face. She couldn’t hold it in no more, thier was nothing else she could think of doing.

Simba was glad to see her bride comming but he couldn’t shake of the face that Nala gave him when he first entered the door.

Though the thought was thier it was fleeting as she came rushing in to her arms and the two passionately touched lips. Sarafini just turned around and laid back on the door and smiled.

“I am so much very looking forward to this weding, oh I have so much to plan” Simba breaking off and hearing the words of Nala’s mother then looked into her eye’s and said. “ I am looking forward to it more than anything” Simba said, as his hart echoed with the noise of resounding love that beats for the lioness that stood before him. Nala’s eyes who were lost in Simba’s eye’s, was looking up and caputred by the moment which had past. Though the words that had just uttered out of her soon to be husband’s mouth looked down at the floor.

“Nala” Simba said concerned. Nala continued to her chair and sat quitely, still looking down at the floor, still quite fearfull at looking up. “Nala is thier somthing wrong.”

“No!” Nala said loudely as she quickly drew her head to look at Simba. “No… Nothing is … wrong. I just have some news I need to tell you.”

“I had hoped to delay this news my child” Sarafini said as she drew close to her daughter. Sitting on the chair right of her.

“No! This is important and beside’s it isn’t bad news, I feel that it is my duty to tell Simba” Nala said looking at ther mother. Simba stood thier confused, wondering at the conversation that had passed between the two. His love didn’t doubt but fear rose up in him. Fear for her life, for thier life together, what unforseenable event by heaven has grabbed at his lionesses hart.

“Nala what is it” Simba said as he rushed over to where she sit and kneeled before, now looking up into her eye’s. “Nala what ever it is, we can make it through it. Haven’t I already told you that money would be no problem, I have enough fund…”

“No.No… Simba please… nothing is wrong, infact it is good news that I have brung to you. I hope you will understand.” Nala said to Simba seriously, interupting him.

“Then if it is good news, what isn’t thier I shouldn’t Understand.”

“Simba I have concieved” Nala said blatently after Simba’s last words. Simba who was looking up at Nala. Just couldn’t do nothing but looked. He was at lost for words.

“What?” Simba said at first not believe what he was hearing.

“Simba, I am with Child. An angel…”

“This can’t be” Simba said as he stood up as he kept his eye’s on Nala. “You told me you were pure, a virgin.”

“Yes!” Sarafini said loudly standing up. Facing Simba. “She is, but you have not listened to everything my daughter had told you.”

“Yet she has concieved… do you know what the whole villiage will do to her if they found out.” Simba said stagering backwards and then turning around. Leaning himself slowly on the door.

“Simba! Listen to me, I have been faithfull to the laws…” Nala yelled out to him, trying to get her point in.

“They will stone you! They will kill you… Don’t you UNDERSTAND the cost, THIS IS TOO RISKY FOR HER.”

“Simba Please” Sarafini said as she ran over to Simba, grabbing at his arm. “LISTEN TO HERR!”

“Death” Simba said as the word echoed in his mind. “Nala, they must never find that out, give no tongue to anyone about what you have said to me, I will arange something, get you out of this town while you still have the chance” Simba said pannicly.

“Simba” Nala said outloud on the edge of tears. Simba then turned to Saranfini.

“Aren’t you going to listen to everything she has to say” Sarafini said.

“Not now, Her life is at stake here, Don’t you understand” Simba said with a seriousness in his eyes as he could see Sarafini face cringe, for sadness had taken over her face and even tears were beginning to pour from her eye. “Look I’ll arange something. I promise, she won’t be stoned.” Simba said as he turned and quickly opened the door. Nala bent her knees and fell to the floor as her eyes filled with tears. The ground which stood still and dry beneath her knees and face soon became wet. Sarafini went out the door to watch Simba running down in the streets and turned the cornor where his figure dissapeared for the rest of the day.

That night, the desicion was wrestling within him, in his mind. He loved Nala, no doubt about that. The mere fact that a conception of a Cub had not disturbed him, it was the fate that Nala would endure if she would say.

He twisted, turned, turned and twisted; left and right; right and left. Every which way in the bed, his mind could not rest. “I have a cousin” he though, “which could lend us a donkey. Take her to Egypt somewhere out of our nation, where she is not known” His thought were wild and sparodic. Slowly the night lulluby couldn’t escape him and before he went to full slumber. He echoed a prayer form his lips.

“God give me guidance.”

Then suddenly he was before clouds, as air was rushing over him, past him and under him and he could feel a tremendous holy presence.

Quickly he looked down and saw nothing but blue sky. He quickly moved his feet, fearing that he may fall but found out that for some reason, the action didn’t render any visible movement.

Infact it seemed as if he was suspended, by what he did’t know. Simba wondered at this sight fear swelled in his hart and he was afraid for his his life. Though the presence of Holiness was felt very strong in him so he though that he must be standing before the presence of God. Loudely he shouted, pleading.

“Oh Lord, Spare me, I have kept with your Laws” “Simba!”

A loud booming voice rang in the air. “Simba!” “YES LORD, what is that you command” Simba said pannickly still, fearing that he had done wrong and this was a punishment he must endure.

And right before his eye’s a figure began to appear. “Simba, son of David, do not be afraid to take Nala as your wife; for that which has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.

And she will bear a son; and you shall call his name Jesus for it is he who will save his people from thier sins.” The figure siad in a loud booming voice as Simba couldn’t do nothing but stared. Then as suddenly as he was transported to this ever present holy place. He awoke!

Quickly Simba sat up in bed as his eye’s darted around his room. Up, down, left and right, his mind was in confusement tyring to make out what he just saw. Quickly he stood up and quickly he came down on his knees. Clasp his hands in prayer.

“Nala please forgive me, Thank you Lord. Thank you.”


Now it was come to be known that Scar was ruller of all Judea. The splendors of his riches and the architecture that he lavished was not hidden from society. Scar fluanted many of the Kindgoms fortune on himself and used to his full advantage the power that he had.

His army was nearly recruited almost of entirely Hyena’s who were not much descendents form the great empire themselves.

My liege, Three Magi’s are claiming to enter the presence of your great lordship” a hyena said as he approached his king. The king who was relaxing in his thrown, with a smile slump across his huge face and fiddling with his black mane turned to the hyena.

“Three Magi’s? What would they be doing in my kingdom.”

“They have mention something of King of sorts that they are looking for, immediately they have been directed to this palace, I assume you wouldn’t mind their Pressence.”

“Wise Men, Kings themselves, rich aristocrats from kingdoms afar.

Please, send them in! I would like to dazzel thier presence in front of me. For surely they must be looking for me”. Scar said in all gayity of his voice. The Hyena, gave a respectful bow as he turned around to head toward the door. Scar sat up, the thought of Magi, Wisemen, Kings coming here to see his palace gave him great pride. For his works in this Kingdom must of reached work to other in nation afar.

Slowly the big palace doors open as three Magi’s entered the hall way with giant Pilliars. Thier clothes were of fine silk and the hands were filled with jewels. One was an obvious Lion, one was a creature which was very vauge in Scar’s mind, but one he has seen before, and one was a monkey. A mandrill who seem to have led the front and possesed the most Knowledge.

Each approached the king and at the edge of the stairs to his thrown bowed before the king.

“A thousand Respects to da King” said the lead Magi as they all stood up and faced the king.

“Why thankyou, I have been lead to believe that you traveled a far to see me and my place and kingdom” Scar said respectfully to the Magi’s “Sire, I’m sorry to diss-point you Ha ha… but we do not seek you” The Leader of them said to Scar.

“What! It was said out of my gaurd that you were looking for a King!” The Lion said angrily as he stood up with all the splendor of his robes and garments. The glory and the architecture of his thrown. This was his pride.

“Yes sire we are looking for a king, but we are looking for a child!” The Magi Lion said to the blacked maned lion standing in front of the thrown.

“We are heading west, tward the star in de sky. It will lead us to dis child. We thought that you might of herd of dis child since you are king of yourself. It is written that he shall king of your people” The mandrill adressed. Quickly Scar rushed down at the Mandrill, his hands were clenched and he felt as if he could take it and give no regard for his noble aristocracy and punch him in his palace. For he knew only one thing in his mind. He was the King. Mandrill looked at him suspicously, he felt and saw the anger in his face, yet he made no mention of this to the king himself. Standing in front of the Mandrill he look at him, up and then down. Once done his eye’s soon shifted on all the Magi.

“No, I have not seen this King nor I have herd of him!” Scar said as he moved over to the right wall of his palace. Then stoping for a moment, his mind then began to take action. He pondered at this king the magi talk about and fear began to fill his body. “Another King” he though, the words, thier words revolved around his head again and again.

“We are sorry to have bothered you” The unpronounced striped cat like creature said as all soon turned one by one and headed for the door.

Scar watched as they moved toward the door, his mind was in the process of thinking and it was then that his mind found an idea worth it’s wieght in gold.

“Wait!” Scar Said loudly. The two king didn’t want to stop only the mandrill turned his head “Please Stop” the Lion said in a softer tone.

“Stop my friends, de king wishes to speak” The mandrill said to the other Magi’s.

“Please, Rafiki I don’t like this Lion King. I don’t see trust in his eye’s” The Magi Lion then recited to Rafiki as he turned around to face him. The other creature looked at both inquisitively.

“What you dink Rajah” The Mandrill said over to the striped creature.

“You give him your tongue, I will only give him my ear” Rajah then responded turning completely around to the Mandril face.

“I agree,we have to giv him an hear for now Ugas” The Mandrill adressed the Magi Lion as he then turned his head. “What is it you ‘ighness” “Please, except my apologies if I seemed rude. I’m just so suprised to hear of this child…” Scar said approaching the Magi in a much more comforted tone.

He stoped in front of the Mandrill. “Please when you do find this child, come back to my palace and tell me. So I may worship him as well” Scar said to Rafiki and he crept closer to Rajah. Then placing his paw on the mighty creature he looked into his eyes.

“Deal!” Rajah gave no comforting glance as he looked at him and look at his hands. Scar faced cringe with slight fear as he withdrew his hand from Rajah shoulder. “Heh! My humble apologies” “We will give it great consideration” The Mandrill said.

“Good… Good… You have a safe journey now, if thiers anything you need, anything at all don’t be afraid to contact me.” Scar said as all the Magi soon headed for the door. Swiftly the doors were opened, swiftly the Magi’s exited and swiftly the door cloosed. Scar stood thier silent, his eye focusing on the door.

“Hey Boss, why did you do that you’re the king not some snot nose little brat” One of the place guards said steping forward from his post near the thrown. Scar quickly turned around and grabed the hyena by the throat and held him up above his face. His eye’s were evil and cold as he looked into the Hyena. Who now was grasping for air.

“DON’T You think I know that! I will have them find that little hairball and once he is found I will KILL HIM!” Scar said as he then realease the grip on the hyena as he fell toward the floor. Scar in all his rage just turned around to face the door.

“Guard, tell my Lutienent to send a couple of soldiers after them” Scar said mennicingly to the soldier as he was still struggling to get up.

“Yeess Siir.”

“But make sure they keep thier distance, I don’t want them to be found out. Then once they have found the child. Have the soldier report back to me!” Scar said as he turned around and placed his foot on the hyena.

“Or else” Scar said as he grabbed the sowrd to his side and slamed the point right next to the hyena’s face.

“You get the picture, Now go.”

Knock, Knock, Knock. The noise echoed in the room as Simba banged on the door.

The journey had been a long one. The night was cold and the rush of the crowd was not comforting to the two travelers. Knock, Knock, Knock! Again and agian,

Simba took his hands and banged on the door loudley hoping that he could get some attention.

“Yess!” A lepoard said annoyingly as he opened the door swiftly.

“We are looking for a room, and my wife…” Simba began to say.

“Sorry we have no room” The leopard said as he began to close the as quick as he could. The noise that Simba’s Hand made on the door as he stoped it before closing, made even the foundation shake. “Please tell me your price, my wife needs a place to stay, she’s Pregnant” Simba said loudly as his eye’s stared heavily into the leopards.

The leopard eye’s and head recoiled as his face turned from one that denoted a feirce nature to a much more friendly nature. “I am sorry, I wish I could help.

But I am not lying. My rooms are full” The leopard said as he then slowly closed door. Simba stared a the door silently as he gave a deep sigh of dissapointment. The number of inns he had knocked, the number buliding he had stoped by, their nothing he could do it seemed. Thier was no room anywhere. Calmly he then turned his body to rest on the wall of the inn, looking up at the night sky that lay before. “Maybe I should of started earlier.” Simba though as the cool night air blew on his mane. He noticed that wind was getting much more colder and the sense of urgency grew within him. Thier was no doubt about it, he had to find some shelter.

Nala sat on a donkey as she too began to look at the tapestry of God that was set above her. Her thoughts were wondering, her mind was a drift. Remembering a night like this one which took place so long ago in the expanse of our time but to her seemed like yersterday. Taking a glance of the stars she then looked down at her belly which seemed so swollen to her. She laughed and smiled, thinking about was was moving around inside of her. Yet like every lioness, she felt the time comming and she was fearful too. She prayed that the child wouldn’t be born out among the streets but in some comforting shelter. Taking her eye’s off her stomach she then looked up at the mighty tapestry. Thier among the skay lay many glowing light, but one began to stand out. More and more Nala began to look closely at the star and it light to the earth was slowly becoming brighter.

“Nala” Simba said as approached his wife. She gave no recognition to his words, Simba was puzzel. He then softly kneeled down close to her.

Looking at her face, creeping close to her ear “Nalaa” he whispered.

Suddenly two paws touched Simba’s shoulder as his wife pushed him down on the ground “You silly lion.” Nala said as her body was slightly turned tward him. “So what’s the word, good news I hope” Nala said sort of laughing as she watch her husband sprawled out on the ground. Quickly the Lion got up and looked at his wife in the face, at first his expression was of joy but it then quickly turned into sadness. “No, I couldn’t find no Inn yet?” Simba said to her calmly. “But we got to keep our faith. Surly one of these place must have something opened” Nala steered away and looked down on the ground. Her mind wondered for a few moments, silently Simba turned toward the ground as well. “Simba, it’s almost time” Nala said silently.

Simba quickly turned from the ground and looked at his wife in almost disbeliefe. “N… Now?”

“Yes Simba now” Nala said as she then turned toward her husband, who now was sitting on the ground, silently thinking.

“I knew the timing of this trip was wrong.”

“Timing had nothing to do with it. Besides thier was nothing you could do. Rome sent a decree, we had to go to the place of your ancestors.” “No, I’m not talking about the census, I’m talking about our departure.

Maybe we should of left earlier. It didn’t help me any better knowing that you had to come on this journey in the condition you are now” “Don’t worry we will survive” Nala said as she laid her head on her husband shoulders.

“Well we can’t stay here any longer” Simba said as he leaned over and kissed his wife on the fore head. The picking his knees up he lifted himself off the ground and made his ways toward the donkey.

“Simba!” Nala said outloud as Simba stoped as he bean to walk.

“Yes Nala” Simba said in response.

“Look at the sky, tell me what you see” Nala said to him. Simba smiled.

“What are you serious.”

“Yes I’m serious look up at the sky” Nala said to him smiling. Simba smiled as well as he then looked up.

“Okay, I’m looking.”

“What do you see.”

“I don’t know tell me what I am suppose to see” “No you tell me what you see” “Nala” Simba siad glancing at his wife still think as if this were a game.

“Come on look” Nala said in response, more seriously.

“Okay I’m looking” Simba said.

“What do you see.”

“Stars I guess.”

“Do you see that special star.”

“You mean that bright one.”

“Yaa, not ten minutes earlier that star light was no brighter, than the rest in the heavenly sky, it’s growing brighter Simba. It’s a sign. I know it.” Nala said smiling to her husband. Simba then taking a few more seconds looking at the sky, looked down at his wife and smiled. Admiring her faith of this night. “So it is” he said. “So it is” Simba said as he then looked up again.

“I love you Simba, I know will find something” Nala then said to him.

Then bringing his head down, he turned his face toward Nala, and with a more solem but a more determined looked Simba answred.

“I know” Simba said as he then turned quickly looking down below at his feet, thinking of the days events and the nights. Then suddenly Simba felt a bump on his shoulder as he quickly turned around to find out who he hit. The other did the same.

“Oh I’m sorry my friend I’ve been busy in my thought’s” Simba said as he looked into a wolfs face.

“It’s okay my friend, I was heading home.” The wolf said as he slowly turned around, Simba then did the same turning toward his donkey.

“Wait” The wolf said as he quickly turned around “by the way, your not from around here are you.”

“Well not exactly, my ancestor David was from this part” “The census. I assumed as much, you’ve got a hotel” “No, we’ve been looking, my wife is pregnant. Do you know of place” Simba said with a little eargerness in his voice. Hoping that this starnger may have a ray of hope to add to these people delimma.

“No. I’ve been talking with all the inn keepers, they’re all full pretty much for tonight. Thier was even one who mentioned about somthing about a lion and his wife, who was pregnant roaming around at night looking for a room” “Yes sir that is us, please tell me you’ve got some news” Nala said as she got up. The wolf then turned looking over at Nala.

“My it looks as if your close.”

“Very close sir, I don’t know, if we can find a place in time” Simba said as he rushed over to his wife side. Looking at his wifes face as he placed his hands, in his wifes and then turns to face the wolf. “Please sire".

The wolf then looked backed and then looked ahead and then turned his face toward the two lions. Then talking his paws he scratched his head as he looked at Nala’s Stomach. “Well” he began to say as he droped his arm. “ I really don’t want your wife beeing very comfortalbe in lowley stable, but I see no other choice. I keep all my livestock thier, thier’s atleast some dry straw, you can sleep on and it will keep you out of wind, so you won’t be cold that much.” “Why thank you!” Nala said to the wolf.

“Nala! Please think about it. Surely thier must be an in” Simba interuppted.

“I assure you, thier are no Inns, I’m sorry I wish I had more I can offer. I have enough family at my house already.” “Simba, please, we have no other choice” Nala said as she looked pleadingly at her husband. Simb stared at his wife solemnly. He didn’t want her child to be bron in a stable, he could give her more. He was a pretty succesfull carpenter, he had the money. Yet in his mind, though he struggled he could think of no other choice.

A soft pleasing smile came accross Simba’s face as he brought Nala’s hand to his lips and kiss it softly and then looking at the wolf, he gave his final word.

“Please, lead the way.”


The hyena sat in the distance as he watch the fire glow. The Magi had kept on thier journey resting and stoping and then continuing on thier quest to find this child. The Hyenian gaurds were very tricky in trying to keep thier distance and making sure they weren’t spotted. The night had been a peacefull one. Cool and windy, and the heyna’s shivered, as they watch the tents of th Magi.

“How long have the been thier” One hyena said creeping up on the watchmen.

“I don’t know, it’s been day, that’s for sure” The other hyena said looking over his shoulder.

“Well keep your eye’s open, Scar is determined to find this new King” The hyena said Knelling, as he kept his eye’s on the tent.

“Yaa, but general can’t I go back to my post, the night is getting late and I am getting very tired” The watchment said to his commander.

The General looked at the other soldier mennacingly and stood up.

“No! Youre post shall be here for the rest of the night or untill they move. Is that clear.”

“Yes Sire.”

“Here” Rajah said, “I am sure of it, the constlation and the the signs all point to this small town”. Rajah said assuringly to all as he looked at each on of them.

“By what means, that is just a small town. Where are the palace, the throwns, the ceremony, wasn’t his birth foretolds by the prophets of old. Why isn’t it anticipated” The lion said looking at Rajah then at Rafiki. Rafiki then turned his head toward Rajah and then to Ugas. Then calmly he got up and walked to the entrance of his tent. Slowy he peered outside and gave a glance toward the sky.

“Da streets are getting busy my friends, dis census by Ceaser. Plus de star the celestial forebrearer of great joy is getin brigter. Why does de creator of the heaveans need a palace. For the whole world is his. He shall choose de place of is entrance and if it be dis town we shall go der.” Rafiki said as each of the Wise men look at the Mandrill.

“Then shall we leave tonight?” Ugas said to Rafiki.

“No, not tonight, thier is a fowl smell in wind. I think Scar soldiers are on our trail. We will wait.” Rajah said.

“Why” Ugas said loudely. Rafiki gave a quick turn. His eye’s were stern. Rajah bent his knees more in toward his body. Quietly he looked over at each the Mandrill and then over at the lion. And then he looked at the fire that was in his tent.

“Because we will need to escape them.”

The wooden doors slowly opened as the cold night air rushed in. The wolfs fur had been cold and his eye’s were focused on the ground below, quickly he took off his coat and placed it on the table as he eased over into a a chair. Thier he slowly place his head into his hands.

“Jacob” a voice said from behind the door in front of him.

“Ezra” He responded lifting up his head, and looking at the door.


Ezra said as she opened it up and peered into the room.

“Jacob, where have you’ve been. It’s late.” “I’m sorry, I met a couple on my way to home, the wife was pregnant and they needed a place to stay” The wolf said to his wife.

“That must be hard, but Jacob you didn’t tell them they could stay here…”

“No” Jacob said suddenly. As he placed his elbow on the table and leaned his head against his fist.

“Oh…” His wife said sort of shocked. “Wait, you didn’t just let them in the…”

“Now” Jacob said suddenly.

“Oh” again his wife was shocked. “Well I was glad you found them a…”

“Thier were no more rooms at the Inn.”

“Ohh!” again a third time the wife was shocked. The wife then turned sideways in her seat as if she was ready to get up. She look ahead then she to her left, facing her husband. “Then honey, where did you let them stay.”

“In the Stable.”

“Ohh Honey” His wife said.

“What else could I do” The wolf said getting up off his chair.

“I know, well atleast thier warm” The wife said as she got up. I know you made that place well. The wind dosn’t bother you much”. She continued as she moved closer to her husband. For seconds they stood thier in silence. Not knowing much to say. Then suddenly the doors opened behind them and both husband and wife turned. Thier before them was thier little son.

“Mommy, Mommy have you looked outside” The son said tugging at the his mom clothes. Ezra looked at her husband and smilled. So did her husband as well and both looked down at the child. Jacob then bent down and adressed his young son.

“No we haven’t, Micheal what’s outside.”

“Thiers a bright star father” The child said to the wolf “and momy it’s so bright that it’s lighting up the sky, it’s almost as bright as the moon.”

“Well isn’t that special, it must be sign from God” Ezra said as walked over to a chair. The wolf then got up and picked up his son and did the same. Then he placed his son in his lap.

“That must be very amazing site.”

“Oh it is daddy, but do you know what really so speacial about it” “What” The father said leaning in closer to Micheals mouth.

“The star is hanging right over your stable” The wolf then retracted his head and smiled at his child. “Really” The wolf said, still thinking this was all in the childs head.

“Really dad, what’s going on in your stable, something special must be really going on thier” Micheal said continuing to look up at his father.

“Really, nothing going on at your dad’s stabe and no star is hanging over your dad’s stable either.” Micheal mother said as she got up from her chair. “Now go to bed, it’s late.” Micheal then looked up at his father then at his mother, and slowly he got off his father’s lap.

“You don’t believe me do you.”

“No please don’t think that, maybe a little exageration” His dad said as he got up.

“No off to bed young man” The mother said to his son. As his son then shifted his looks from his dad to his mother and then back to his dad again.

“Better do what your mother tell you” the father said with a smiled.

“Okay” Micheal said as he slowly walked away from them.

The couple just stood thier in amazement at the childs words, as thier son went out thier door. The husband then lay his head on his wife and his wife did the same.

“He get’s it from you, you know” the wife said smiling.

“Noo! I think wild exagerated tales come from your side of the family” The wolf said in response.

The wife then pushed her huasband just a little with her hands.

“Now really.” The wife said. Then she turned and walked to the chair and then she turned to face her husband. “A bright Star, standing right over your stable, now I have herd everything” Suddenly, thier was a loud booming sound at back door of the house. The wolf then looked at his wife and the wife was equally worried and looked at her husband. Quickly the husband approached the door and opened it.

Before them was a lion, panting as if he was breathing fire, as his breath dissapated smoke from his mouth.

“You’ve got to help me my wife’s in labor” Simba urgently as he step in the house and turned to the wolf. The wolf gave a quick look at his wife.

“Ezra you stay make sure everyone okay, I’ll go see what I can do. The stable is not that far away, I’ll see if I can’t make it in the dark.” the wolf said.

“I don’t think you will have to worry about that too much” Simba then said suddenly to the wolf.


“It’s like daylight out here, look at the sky” Simba said as he pointed.

The wolf went to door to take a look outside and glancing up the the mighty sky thier was a

star in the sky that was shinning brightly and more beuatifully than any other star and right thier in the heaveans in all it’s wonder it seemed as if it stood right over his stable.

“We must hurry I don’t know how she’s holding out” Simba said as he began to leave the house. The wolf had to stand a few seconds more looking at the star. Slowly before he left, a few silent slow words came out of his mouth.

“God be praised.”

The fire was glowing hot and the night wind was very cold, as the Canines were laying in the fields. One was was laying down on his back as the other was looking in front of the other two keeping a watch over.

The other was silently sitting, watching the night sky.

“By the way, what are you looking at, I hate to be the only one watching my sheep” the Canine said who was in front of the fire. The other Canine was laying down then got up.

“I think our friend here is looking at that younder star” The Canine said as the other turned his head over his shoulder. While the other sit still.

“Yep, that star is bright.”

“It seems as if it was standing right over thier no to far away” The other Canine said as first words came out of his mouth all night.

“Hmm, well I’ll be comfortable sticking with my flock. I’ll be glad when daylight comes” Then suddenly a burst of wind befell the shepards catching the one siting up off garud . The fire, which was burning brightly went out and everyone had to get up as dust and sand went into the air and blew past thier faces and then all of a sudden it was still. The cannine were now in a circle facing each other and before them, they all could all feel a presence unlike anything they every felt but none said a word. Then the two who were watching the stars originally and still were. Saw a great light appear in the sky, a radiance unmatch by any fire. Amazingly

it glowed and grew brighter and brighter in the heavens and then suddenly a figured appead in the sky. The one who was watching his sheep could not ignore it any longer what the other were just too afraid to say. He turned suddenly and saw the figure as well. Now all were looking at each other in biwilderment. Fear was starting to creap in thier souls and their expessions on thier faces relflected thier inward feelings. Each felt unholy to look upon this figure in the sky. Suddenly one Shepard fell done to his knees and began to pray to lord. Constantly, the silent words came out of his mouth.

“This must be from the lord they god himself” One canine said urgenlty.

“But if this be true, what is it for, we have done all we could to fallow his conmandments” The other one said in fear.

“Shepards!” The angel said to them. The voice magnifying through the sky. The reaming two went down on thier knees suddenly.

Bending thier backs and touching thier heads to the ground.

“Forgive us Oh lord” One shouted, as he lifted his head off the ground.

Tears rolling down his face, fearing for the might of the holy god.

“Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which shall be for all creatures.

For today in the city of David there has been born for you a savior; who is christ the lord” the angel said to them. And instantly all the canine’s lifted thier heads off the ground and looked up with amazement. They felt a more comforting feeling then they had, and a great sense of peace. Surely there was no doubt that this was from the lord thy god.

“And this will be a sign for you: you will find the baby wraped in cloth, and laying in a manger.” The angel finally said to them. Then equally the wind began to pick and the sky’s and before the eye’s the heavens were fill with glowing bright bodies as a multitude of angels appeared before them. None could describe the sense and feelings they had. It was of joy, of peace, of love for every creature. The beuaty that appeared before them couldn’t of been written in any book to do the angels justice for the bueaty they had shown. All the shepards now began to stand up one by one. As the angels soon filled the whole sky.

“Glory to God in the highgest and peace on earth among men, with whom he is pleased.”

The angels sang with thier voices and the sky’s were filled with sweet music. The Sheapard continued to look up in amazement as slowly one by one the angels dissapeared from the sky, and thier voices faded in the background. Then it was silent. The shepards still couldn’t bring thier heads down, for thier eye’s were wide and thier mind was in disbeliefe with thier soul.

Then slowly bringing thier sights down to eartheach then focused on the star that was brightly shining ahead of them.

“Let us hurry to Bethleham and find the baby.”

Simba was sitting beside his wife as he watch her chest rise and fall with every breadth. Simba admired Nala for everything that she was. The way she handeled herself thorough the night. He smilled at the thought of the new born baby and of the days evets. The many things that they had been throught. Jacob was sitting at the manger keep watch over the cub.

“You have a healthy baby boy, he’s very strong. I doubt nothing more than the cold will affect him tongiht".

Jacob said as he turned his head over toward Simba. “Hows the mother holding".

“Amazingly well for her first born” Simba said smilling turning his head to face the wolf.

“Well that’s not too suprising for me. Take if for a father of three” “You must be truly blessed” Simba said back looking back down at Nala.

Jacob then turned to face the cub who was sleeping in the manger.

“You should tell that to my wife; You must be a very proud father” Jacob said smiling as he watch the baby eye falling sleepily into slumber.

“Ohh, I’m very proud, but I’m not the father” Simba said while still looking at Nala, not considering the words he had just uttered.

The complete impact of Simba statement didn’t really sink in for Jacaob. His mind was on the baby but now was thrusted into a state of confusion as questions now becan to run in his head. “Not his father” he though as he turned his head to face Simba with a bewildered look. Jacob was ready to open his mouth, when her herd a knock outside the door.

Knock, Knock, Knock

“May we come in” A voice said as they parted the material from the doors entrance. Jacob quickly got up and ran too the door quickly.

“Please sir I beg of you, a women just gave birth here, don’t you…”

Jacob said urgently to them.

“That is why we have come” One of the other Shepard said, out loud interupting Jacob. As all three step into view of Jacob.

“What?” Simba said as he turned his head to face the Canine’s.

“Please, an angel of the lord appeared to us and said that we bring you good news” One of the Shepards said.

“That a baby had been born to you in the city of Bethlehem, and you’ll find him in a manger.” The Canine said who had spoken first. Jacob turned his head over to Simba.

Simba confused himself at the spectacle of the occasion looked at his wife then look at the canine. Then slowly he made his way over to the child, he looked down. Admiring the baby and then looked up at the Dogs.

“Let them in, I see no harm.”

One by one the Shepards came in and knelt by the cub, looking at him in all thier wonderment and admiration. Each one remembering the song that the angels had sung. “Glory to god in the highest and peace on earth toward men.”

The palace was quite and the night had been cold.

Scar waited in the thrown room for any word form the hyena’s.

He had requested for thier final report by tonigh for up in the heaveans a star had made itself known.

It was brighter than any other star in the heavens, he could only conclude that the wisemen visit to his palace and this star were connected.

Suddenly the doors opened wide, and a hyena steped throught slow in his approach. Scar turned around and proceeded to sit in his thrown.

“Well!” The king yelled to the Hyena.

“I’m sorry sir, you spy’s haven’t reported in yet” The hyena said fearfully as he stood thier before the thrown.

“Idiot, then you shouldn’t have come here at all!” Scar yelled as he got and raised his fist.

The hyena expected and prepared for the worst.

Yet Scar recoiled and pushed him out of the way as he proceeded more toward the door.

“This child could have been born already, left the my kingdom, move somewhere by now” Scar said to himself as he stoped in at the door.

“By the way boss, why are you so worried”. The hyena said blatently.

Scar turned quickly and gave the hyena a menacing look.

Then quickly Scar ran up to the hyena and pick him up by the throat.

“Becuase you idiot. It has been prophisized that a king will come” Scar then said as he droped the hyena on the floor and then turned to sit in his thrown.

“Prophiii… z… ied by who” The heyna said as he slowly got up taking his hand and rubbing his throat.

“Prophets, Soothsayer, the rabbi’s for all I care. But I can’t let this happen, if this get’s out, if the people get behind him… I can’t think of it. I won’t” Scar said in a much more softer tone.

“So that would make him king” The hyean said as if he didn’t get the point.

“I am the King!” Scar said said getting up turning his head toward the hyena gaurd. The guard bent down expecting to be hit when a knock came at the door. Scar turned quickly.

“Come in” he said. As the door slowly opened two hyena’s entered the room, walked at regular pace beside each other and bowed before thier king at the foot of the thrown.

“My lord, we know for sure that the Child is in the town of Bethlehem” One of the hynea’s said to Scar.

“Is that it, no house, no address” Scar said loudely.

“We lost them in the crowd” the same hyena responded.

“Plus you sent your messanger for us right away, we didn’t have time to track them down.” The second hyena continued to explain.

“So that’s it” Scar yelled as he stood up in his seat. Quickly Scar took his handns and grabbed the sowrd of the Hyena to this right.

“You should of doone beeter” Scar said yelling outloud as he then took the blade and peiced the hyena’s stomach. The hyena had no chance but to turn a little, as he staggered away from the king and droped on the floor.

Scar then approached the dead hyeana and slowly pulled the sowrd out of his body, watching the reamining life that was in the hyena quickly withering away. Scar then turned around.

“How long has it been since the Magi came.”

“N… Nearllly a year sir” The hyena said fearing the same fate as his comerade. Scar approached the hyena and gave him the sowrd. The hyena took it with apprehension noticing the new and fresh blood dripping off of it.

“Take this sowrd and an army of my men and go to the town of Bethlehem.” Scar said as he then moved past him and sat down in his thrown. “I want you to kill every child, lets say two and under to play it safe.”

“Children Lordship?” The hyena said inqusitively facing his king.

“Yes you herd me right, Children. I want them dead two and under” “But your Lordship” The hyena interuppted.

“I want them all dead!” Scar said demanding. “Understand me General” “Yes your lordship” The hyena said finally in fustration, and in anger knowing what he must do. As he turned and proceeded for the door.

“Oh general” Scar said loudly. The hyena stoped then turned to look over his shoulder. “Make sure you don’t fail me” Scar then said as a smile slowly creeped across his face.

“Yes your lordship.”

Simba entered into the stable quickly, turned around and plopped downon the hay. Slowly Nala fallowed with the baby in her arms, entering into the doorwary her thoughs became sparodic as she look around the humble stable. Suddenly her eye’s spotted her husband down on the floor.

“Simba, it’s getting late.”

“I know” Simba said smiling. “By the way what did we came here for anyway” Simba continued in his laughing manner.

“Simba we came here to pick up things. Tommarow morning were leaving this town and I don’t want to sleep tonight thinking were going to be leaving something behind” Nala said loudly as she looked around the stable.

“Hey watch out for the hay” Simba said as he threw some straw at Nala, while she turned her back. Nala quickly turned around. “Simba!” “Hows the baby?” Simba asked.

“Behaved. Which is more I can say for you. Now get off that blanket of straw and start looking around.” Nala said as she then began to sit down near one of the Cattle.

“So we are looking for thingss” Simba said as he got up.

“Yes things we might of left. Blankets, Clothes, anything that may have some value” Nala said looking up to her husband.

“Something of value us… I don’t think so” Simba said as he then began to pace his eye around the stable, making sure that nothing was left in the stable.

Knock, knock, Knock .

Simba turned aound to face the entrance of the stable, “Did you hear that?” He adressed Nala.

“Hello, is de mister and Missus in de house” a voice said from outside.

“Well if your looking for Jacob and Ezra, thier in the house over to your left, It’s not that far you should see it from here.” Simba said as he then turned back around to continue his search.

“No! We are looking for a child, that was foretold by the stars, the one that even shines… now” Rajah prominently at first and quited his speech as he entered the stable and then noticed the cub on Nala’s Lap.

“We are here” cried the creature. Simba turned around quickly, noticing the Mandrill, a Lion and a Tiger coming in with some unique box in each hand.

“Now wait a minute gentlemen you may hav…” Simba started saying as he noticed each of them enter. Then slowly the bent thier kness and place the box in front of the child. Nala being respectful she held the cub in a postion for the wisemen to see.

“Please we are sorry to disturbe you but we are sure dis must be da right place, for we have fallowed de stars and it had said his birth would be here in a stable".

“We had found

much out from Jacob, he told us you were the couple here who gave birth to this child” Rajah said gesturing his his hand toward the cub.

Simba then looked at Nala Who in turn looked at her husband.

Both were at a loss for words.

“Please you don’t have to say anything… Let us present out gifts to the child” Ugas siad as he slowly approached Nala and knelt his kness and place his box before the lioness.

“Gold” the lion said as he slowly looked up at the Lioness and whispered “I had hoped he would of be a lion” Ugas finally said with a soft smile across his face.

“Ugas” Rafiki said a little sternly, slowly Ugas stood up and took a step backward. Then slowly Rajah came forward and knelt on his knees and place a second box in front of Nala.

“Frankincense” The tiger said and then got up and moved back.

“And lastly Mur” Rafiki said proceeding with the same action as the two prior.

“Well thank you, but we don’t know what to say. Thier no way we could ever” Nala began saying.

“Don’t say anoder word, it was our pleasure, we hope dat de faidts bring you many good fortune and as for de child, I hope he had found very good favor with us” “I’m sure he has” Simba said looking down at the gifts.

“We bid you farewell” Ugas said as he bowed to the cub. And then he got up and turned to head to head outside.

“Though before I must go, I have to warn you. Scar troops have been spying on our travels and I fear for your lives. I do caution you on your journey. Please” “We will” Simba said. As he watch the mighty Tiger give one last bow and headed out of the door.


It was dark, and thier was nothing that could be seen. Simba tried to look at his hands or his feet but nothing was visible for his eye’s to see. Thier was no horizon and thier was no sky. Slowly he could feel a presence again. A Holy presence, he could feel ground beneath his feet so slowly he knelt on his knees. Fear began to rise slowly in his hart, looking all around and seeing nothing. He could feel ground so Simba knelt on his knees. Looking up at the dark sky.

“Lord, if you are here, show me your presence please!” Simba then pleaded loudely.

Then suddenly a bright flash came out form The dark. For a moment Simba closed his eye’s and then slowly he opened them and before him was a square, which was all white. Then a painting was darwn or somehow appearing he couldn’t make it out. Slowly he began to see a mountain on that mountian.

Hyena’s then began to fill then began to fill this box, rushing into the town of Bethlehem like pluegues. Everywhere he could here Screams.

Simba wanted to turn away, he wanted not to look. So quickly he pushed his head to the ground and right thier was the same exact box with the same exact picture he last saw. Moving his head off from the ground and toward the sky thier it was. Looking behind, front, from an angle thier it was. Hyena’s multitude of them. Taking thier sowrd passing the big children and parrents and killing the little ones.

Screams soon filled the room, faster and faster they came and suddenly it stoped. The box that was showing him picutures soon became white.

Simba relieved that the scene’s had died down the slowly saw the box beggin to change and into a form of an angel. The same who he saw in his dream.

“Simba, Please leave Bethlehem and journey to the land of Egypt stay thier untill the lord cammands you back.” The angelf said to him.

“But why can’t I go back to Nazzereath.”

“It won’t be safe anywhere in the land of Judea. Run and take your wife for all the things I have shown you will come to pass.”

Simba’s eye’s opened quickly as sweat poured form his mane and fur.

Swiftly he pushed the covers off the bed, lifting his body up he then turned toward Nala.

“Get up!” He whisperd. Nala gave no noise but moved in the bed. Taking his hands, Simba place them on Nala’s back and gave a push, dropping her on the floor suddenly.

“What” Nala said as her eye then awoke. Simba was now off the bed moving around the room, searching for his coat. “What is it, Simba” “We have to leave, I herd screams and soldiers and then a voice spoke to me.” Simba said as he turned toward his wife. Then quickly he kneeled and grabed both of Nala shoulders “We must leave Nala now!” “Simba” Jacob said as he opened the door. I herd you yelling. Is thier anything worng.

“No we just have to leave now. Is my donkey ready. Not completely but we can add a few more things.

“Simba please tell me again why we must leave” Nala said puttin her coat on. Sim “Soldiers are comming Nala, lot’s of them. We must flee this city or they will hunt us down.” Simba said as he turns his head toward his wife.

“Arrrghhh!” a scream is herd in the distance.

“They’re here” Simba said turning his head toward the door.

Simba quickly ran out the door and into the man room, where then he opened up the door to the outside. The wind was calm and cool, but he could feel the danger on the horizon. The star in the sky that had shined for many night was beggining to diminsh and the moon lay in sky bright towards the west.

“Who’s after you” The wolf ask catching up with Simba. Simba turned.

“I think it’s Scar, then again it could be Ceaser. Somebody want’s the children of Bethlehem dead” Simba said as he rushed in the door.

Comming in through the other side, Ezra brought over a sack and laid it flat on the table. “I hope this is enough food for your journey, we enjoyed you staying” “Thank you” Simba said as he drew closer to the table.


“Another Scream” Jacob said still outside “Thier comming, if not now soon. Ezra Grab the children as Jacob rushed to his wife.

“Grab the young” Simba said as he lifted the sack over his back. “As far as I know it was the young they were going to kill” “Children” Ezra said firghtfully standing on the other side of the table.

“Please do what I say” Jacob said to her.

“Okay, I’ll go to their room.” Ezra said as he turned about.

“Mommy what’s going on” Micheal said as he pushed thorough the door.

Ezra rushed over and picked up her son. “Not now son” Ezra said as she disappeared through the doors.

“Take my horse it’s quicker” Jacob said to Simba as he help him gather up his things. On the various parts of the room.

“Nala are you ready!” Simba yelled out.


“Yes Simba, I’ll be out thier quickly” Nala voice responded.

“Let me round up the horses. Where are you heading?” Jacob said to Simba standing at laying the remainder of his item on the table.

“To Egypt, that’s where the lord said he will take us, that’s is where we will go” Simba said to Jacob as his things were put into a sack for it’s final preperation.

“It was good knowing you my friend” Jacob said giving Simba a quick hug. Then parting, the wolf rushed outside, the door.

“Nala hurry!, I’m heading outside to put our things on our ride” “Arrrrgh!”

“Okay” Nala’s voice rang.

Quicky Simba turned swiftly and headed out the door. Suddenly he saw him, a huge overbearing hyena making his way up to the home. Simba then dashed in the wooden doors and then over to the other door to the long hallway. Qucikly he saw Nala running out with the baby being held in her arms.

“Look the baby’s crying, he knows he’s in danger” The Lioness said to her husband.

“Were even in more danger now, please take the child and find a place for him to hid, tell Ezra that as well.”

“Why is thier a soldier comming our way.”

“I believe so, I’m not too sure. Please go” Simba urged Nala.

Nala then swiftly ran into the room.

Simba then herd some noise turning around and leaning on the wall he closed his eyes and said a little quick prayer, then turning toward the door he ran. The timing couldn’t have been better as the hyena pushed the door opened. Simba’s hart beat furiously as he looked around the room. Thier was not time to think anymore just impulse as Simba then took his and place them firmly on the wood of the chiair. In different circumstances, this would have been a more religeous experience for him. Slowly the Hyena entered with his eyes down to the ground and calmly he picked them up. Quickly thier eyes met, the hyena knew what lion was going to do and the lion knew what he was going to do.

“Stand out of my way” The Hyena said in some vain attempt to thward the inevitable. “I don’t really wish to hurt you, I have my orders.” The hyena said in the most perfesional tone he could muster.

“No!” Simba yelled loudly. “I won’t let you in past this point.” Grunting the Hyena move forward, Simba borught down the chair with all his might on the hyena.

Quickly moving out of the way the chair hit nothing but the floor crashing to piecies. Qucikly recovering himself.

Simba then made a fist and as hard as he could made a blow for the hyena’s face. This time thier was no miss, the head moving back. Yet it didn’t seem to affect the creature and with a fist of his own sent Simba on the floor. Quickly the Hyena rushed into the door and moved down into the first room on the right. Empty. Then he moved to the second room on the left. Empty. Then he moved to the third on the right. Nala looked up in horror as Ezra stood beside here. The Hyena just looked at them, and his face seemed to show some concern as he then began to look at the children.

Quickly Jacob entered into the house, acidently pushed some wood that laid on the floor.

“Oh my… Simba” He said as he looked over to his left. Simba who was previously unconcious slowly awoke to the sound of Jacobs voice. Then quickly his eye’s opened.

“The Children” Simba said as he got to his feet.

Jacob within seconds scanned the pieces of wood on the ground and saw a perfect thick long wood stick. Moving over to his left he then bent down and pick it up. Grabbing the very bottom with his left hand and his right hand gripping just above.

“Where is he” Jacob said to Simba was trying to still get up. Obviously a little dazed from the punch.

“In the hallway” Simba said not two seconds he ran to the door which was slightly opened. Taking his stick, he moved it opend and saw the hyena leg in the third room down. Quickly the blood boiled in him but rationally, he knew the hyena didn’t make his move yet. He could still hear his wife Ezra and Nala talking to the brute.

“Is this all the Children we have.”

“What do you see, two that’s it” Ezra said fearing for her live and her youngest.

“Please leave, is that all for what you came for.” The hyena looked at them fiercly. Slowly he looked at the children again. That was when it hit him. Thier beds had only enough sheets for the children, he could still see the bottom of the beds. Though when the hyena turned his head looking at Nala and Ezra bed, the bottom could not be seen. The hyena then took his hand and placed it firmly on the grip of his sorwd.

“Don’t you come any further” Nala yelled.

Jacob then mad his move after moments of silent dilevery. Taking the stick away from his shoulder he brought his arms lower and more toward his back. Making sure the wood was where he wanted it to be, he drew his arm full force, his might and strenght went into the stick and then up beteween his legs and into his groin. The Hyena quickly took out his sowrd as he recoiled in pain dropping the blade. Then lifting the wood above his head Jacob was ready to give his blow. Moving forward, he brought downthe wood upon the hyena’s head. Making the hyena finnally fall to the floor. Quickly Simba then moved into the hallway, ready for an attack but the fight was already over.

“Ezra” Jacob siad as he then quickly rushed over to his wife.

“Jacob” Ezra said hs she rushed over to him.

“Is it okay to come out now” Micheal said underneath

the bed. Ezra turned her head yes for now. Slowly Micheal crawled out of the bed and in his arm was the baby Jesus.

“Here you go Nala” The Micheal said as he then gave the bably to Nala.

Nala smiled as a tear rolled down her eye. “Thankyou” Nala then said to Micheal as she then picked the baby up in her arms. Looking down into the cubs eye, it seemed as if he was smilling. As if nothing had happened, or did he know nothing will happen.

Soon the son of Ezra ran over to his mother and quickly she picked him up.

“Ohh you brave little boy” Ezra said. As the two other children clamored out of thier fake sleep.

“Simba” Nala said as she got up and ran to her husban who was just now entering throught the door. Jacob quickly kissed his sons and then he turned toward Simba.

“We have no time to waste. Thier are still hyena’s in the city. Go out into the streets my horses will be waiting fo you thier, most of your stuff is on it already. I would have put all but I did’nt have enough time.”

“Don’t worry I understand” Simba said smiling. “And thankyou” “No, we would have saved my son if it wasn’t for you, now go” Jacob said as he drew closer to Simba.

“What about the hyena” Simba said to Jacob.

“I’ll deal with him later, atleast we have bought us and yourself some time” Jacob said as he rushed out of the room and into the Hallway.

“Thier a trail that takes you through the fields and the desert and then it leads you onto the main road , from thier I know you can find your way to Egypt. Not many people know about this trail. I will lead you to it.” Quickly Jacob rushed outside. Quickly Jacob then helped Nala and her cub on to the horse and the Simba quickly got on it as well.

“Jacob” Ezra shouted as she came out the door.

“Ezra, what are you doing out here.”


“Take your son, and please don’t come back untill this danger has passed, even when I saw the brute in my room, I could tell he wouldn’t hurt us. But only anyone of

young age. Please take him” “Yes dear” Jacob said as he then picked up his son. “I promis our son won’t meet harm” “Are we going on a ride father” his son whispered.

“Yes we are, yes we are” Jacob then said as he then kissed his wife and quickly rushed over to his horse. Placed his son on it and quickly got on it himself.

“The trail is not far from here, once thier you should be safe” Jacob adressed Simba and Nala. Then slowly he looked back at his wife and as quickly as they could, the horses rode away.

Ezra looked at the two horses, one carrying a baby and one carying her life itself.

As slowly as they dissappeared the screams in the town of Bethleham became stronger and more apprrend as the brunt of the Hyenian army took the town by strom.


Slowly Jacob returned on his horse, he son was asleep on his arms. It had been a week, since that faithful night in Bethlehem. Looking around, it wasn’t the same place, he could still see people morning the loss of thier children and the could see

building devesated, Busniesses devestated. Slowly he approached his house. In his mind he knew everything was alright but he had fear. Fear for still the men might be out thier, fear that the rest of his children are gone.

Yet it may even be worse the hyena could of awoke and slain all of them.

“Micheal get up” Jacob said to his son “What is it Dad” Micheal said up to his dad.

“Our trip is over” Jacob said as he pulled on the horses ropes. Then quickly he got off. And quickly he grabbed his son off. Then steping to the door with his son in his arms, he knocked.

Knocked, Knock.

“Comming” Ezra voice shouted.

“Ezra” Jacob said as he opened the door swiftly.

“Jacob!” Ezra said as each move tward each other.

Meeting each other in the middle. Both each at a loss for words.

Micheal was still being held by his father as each kissed each other generously and each hugged each other well.

“Where the rest of the Children” Jacob ask as both waked inside, placing Micheal down on the floor.

“Asleep, they missed thier father.”

“Can I go to my room now” Micheal asked looking up at his father.

“Yes you may” Jacob said as he watch Micheal run pass the door.

“They only wanted the kids 2 and under you know, Micheal would of come to no great harm.” Ezra said as they both turn to watch Micheal run into the hall way. “Then again their were some hyena’s who didn’t know what a two year old looked like and I herd some children as old as 6 got slain.

“Well it was always better to be safe.” Jacob said as both turned to face each other. “So how was that hyna’s reception.

“I don’t think he could care for us really. I saw get up and he saw us and ran. No gaurds came to our door and I don’t think theyre ever will” Ezra said as both drew close to each other.

“Well atleast you can’t expect any children from him come knocking” Jacob said smiling.

“You rascal” Ezra said in response “How did the the lions Made it".

“Oh they made it. It was safe once I got them on the trail.” “That was nice, do you think we’ll ever hear of them or of thier son again.”

“Through what just had happened the past few day, I’d say anythings possible” Jacob said as slowly the wolves came together and kissed.

Jacob know full well he was home.