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13 Июля 2008

In this site, you say BootScreenView “Can be used ....... as a stand-alone program”. So, I download this program and, I read, in your english help file, that all I need to do is:
"1.Install BootScreenView.wlx as Lister plugin.
2.Copy zlib1.dll to the folder where the plugin is located."

I can´t understand how to do it. How can I install it as a Lister plugin to run as a stand alone program?


снежный барс
17 Июля 2008

It seems I forgot to update the help file with instructions on installing as a stand-alone program. Just run install.bat and follow instructions.

The new version (1.1 release) has more obvious setup.exe, and I recommend you to use it, but I haven’t uploaded it here because of problems with the hosting. Right now you can download it from In addition to the “standard” setup files it has some bug fixes.

P.S. Sorry for my late reply. I must add e-mail notifications…

«Today is the first day of the rest of your life»


Ultimate Loser!
27 Августа 2009

The setup.exe and uninstall file both got quarantined by Norton Anti-Virus 2009. Is it the infamous Delphi 5 bug? ;)


снежный барс
4 Сентября 2009

Boofo, it’s stupidity of some antiviruses considering any packed executable a virus by default. :-( I wonder why BootScreenView.exe wasn’t quarantined; it does almost the same thing as other EXEs. All I can do is not use packers. They don’t save much, it just looks cool if EXE is 2 KB. :-)

As a walkaround you can create Setup.bat file with the following text and run it:
BootScreenView BootScreenView.wlx CommandLine Install

You can also just ignore stupid antiviruses, or better yet report them a problem. Good luck!

«Today is the first day of the rest of your life»

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