Автор: Куна (Kuna)

The Lion King Lessons: How to Throttle Prey

Страница 1: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>But when we kill our prey do we hurt it?</dl><p>Mufasa went on with the story of survival, but Simba had questions.
Страница 2: <dl><dt>Mufasa<dd>Yes, Simba. That’s why killing for fun is unacceptable. But we can survive no other way. It’s the Circle of Life.</dl>
Страница 3: <dl><dt>Mufasa<dd>After catching up with your prey and bringing it down you must kill it quickly. With a rodent, you can deal using your teeth. But with an antelope, it’s better to throttle it.<dd>You must bite a certain spot, otherwise you’ll fail. You must be careful, because it’s dangerous! You can be killed yourself, because prey defends.</dl>
Страница 4: <dl><dt>Nala<dd>Simba, you can’t bring me down, I’m more agile than you!</dl>
Страница 5: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>What!? Now… we’ll see! GRRR!</dl>
Страница 6
Страница 7: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>Ouch!<dt>Nala<dd>What did I tell you? You can’t keep your balance.</dl>
Страница 8: <dl><dt>Mufasa<dd>Nala, don’t resist please; let Simba train. As a lioness, you’ll have to hunt more often, but Simba will have to help you sometimes.<dt>Nala<dd>OK, but he’ll never knock me off my feet himself.</dl>
Страница 9: <dl><dt>Nala<dd><dt>Simba<dd></dl>
Страница 10: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>Grrr!<dt>Nala<dd>Simba! It tickles! Ha-ha! Stop it!</dl>
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Страница 12: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>It’s not fair! She’s kicking me!<dt>Nala<dd>It’s you fault! You’re clumsy even in tickling!<dt>Mufasa<dd>Prey kicks indeed. It ptotects it’s life. Antelopes pierce with sharp horns too. Now let Nala try to throttle you.</dl>
Страница 13: <dl><dt>Nala<dd>You’re doomed…<dt>Cubs<dd>Grrr!<dd>Rroar!<dd>Rawr!</dl>
Страница 14: <dl><dt>Nala<dd>Ouch! Simba, I’m giving up, giving up… It’s hard… to… breath…</dl>
Страница 15: <dl><dt>Simba<dd>Who’s clumsy now, huh?<dt>Mufasa<dd>Well done! I think you’ve learnt the lesson well.<dd>Let’s go home; I bet you moms are back from the hunt.</dl>
Страница 16: <dl><dt>Nala<dd>Don’t dare even to think about doing the trick again!<dt>Simba<dd>Maybe I’ll come up with another one! He-he!</dl>