Комментарии к произведению «Nala’s Dare»

vitani 4 ife

7 Сентября 2011

i bet that chuckling at the end was that Ni lion enit


10 Октября 2011

i think dat was rafiki cause it said dat kopa heard a clickety clack and than he saw a long branch and it had 2 gaurds on it. so dat was rafiki's stick meaning dat was rafiki. dats my guess

#1 Lion King SUPER fan

5 Апреля 2012

Um it said that Nala has golden brown eyes. Isn't that wrong I thought she had an aqua blue kind of eyes?


снежный барс
23 Апреля 2012

In the original movie, Nala's eyes are green. They may seem bluish in night scenes, but it's just caused by blue night tint. In the sequel, artists made a mistake and changed the color to blue.

«Today is the first day of the rest of your life»


3 Мая 2013

@vitani 4 ife: i think it was Ni also... it was preciely after Kopa said what Ni told Nala..

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